Soho on Darby > Available all day!!!

1 kg of BBQ or Hot buffalo wings plus a corona or Budweiser or soft drink for $15!!

Every Thursday at Soho On Darby

Deal Submitted: Feb 2017. Needs an update? Changed? More Info Let us know 🙂


Wickham Park Hotel $10 lunches mon to fri

$10 Tapas Wed Night @ The Depot

THe Burwood Inn >

cheap-schnitzel-newcastle$2 Chicken Schnitzels @ Das Hund Haus ~ Tuesdays @ Charlestown and Hamilton.

A $2 schnitzel can only be purchased with a 1 Litre Stein of bier or Cider or a bottle of wine. One per Stein.

Fries and Sauces and extra $2 each.

For example “The works” is Fries 2 plus sauce 2 plus chips 2 plus Stein 18 is $24.

A $16 saving from our current menu. das-hund-haus